Virus & Spyware Removal

We are happy to help you check your computer for viruses and spyware and remove any infections for you. We can check for you that everything is set up and working properly, or just take care of it all for you. If you suspect that your computer or laptop has a virus or spyware, you can come to us with your computer, or we can visit you on site. We will then scan the computer thoroughly with various virus scanners and remove all viruses for you.

You can contact us for:

  • Searching for application errors and/or system error diagnosis.
  • We provide all services related to computer repairs.
  • Driver updates and setup.
  • System board upgrade / motherboard replacement.
  • Hard drive recovery.
  • Computer hardware optimization.
  • Data recovery and Backup services.
  • Solve overheating problems.
  • Replacing parts.
  • Hardware installation and configuration.
  • Remove Viruses / Adware / Spyware / Trojans.
  • Operating system (re)installation.
  • Computer RAM (memory) upgrade.
  • Repair computer peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, printer, modems, sound card, scanner, etc...