Data Backup & Recovery

It is always very annoying when you lose your valuable information due to a mistake or an accident. But Computerservice Randstad can help you find lost files. For example, if you accidentally formatted your hard drive, we offer a suitable solution to your problem.

Backing up your data is perhaps the most important thing when using a computer. We can provide you with the right backup solutions. Whether it concerns an external hard drive, NAS (Network Attached Storage) or online backup, we are happy to assist you. With a backup of your data you can avoid a lot of annoyance in the event of a system crash, for example.

But we can also help you with physical damage to your computer. In the event of fire or water damage, we work with a laboratory that does everything it can to make your lost information available again. Call us immediately if you have a problem, we will offer you favorable conditions.

You can contact us for:

  • Searching for application errors and/or system error diagnosis.
  • We provide all services related to computer repairs.
  • Driver updates and setup.
  • System board upgrade / motherboard replacement.
  • Hard drive recovery.
  • Computer hardware optimization.
  • Data recovery and Backup services.
  • Solve overheating problems.
  • Replacing parts.
  • Hardware installation and configuration.
  • Remove Viruses / Adware / Spyware / Trojans.
  • Operating system (re)installation.
  • Computer RAM (memory) upgrade.
  • Repair computer peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, printer, modems, sound card, scanner, etc...