Hardware Update

Do you have an older computer or laptop that is no longer moving forward? Give your computer a new lease of life and improve speed without buying a new laptop. Simply replace the existing hard drive with a new one and enjoy a laptop that is often faster than when you bought it. More memory will give your computer or laptop that extra push to load your programs faster. The computer will also run less clunky, and you can open more programs at once.

Do you still have Windows XP or Windows Vista on your laptop? Then get it upgraded to the latest Windows version. The latest Windows version is safer and faster than previous versions. We install your Windows version in such a way that it most closely resembles the Windows you are used to, so that you do not have to start learning to use your computer all over again.

5 reasons for a hardware upgrade

- Faster start-up.
- Work faster.
- Better data protection.
- Reliable work.
- Fewer failures than a conventional hard disk.

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